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Cloet, Just a quality better!

Cloet NV has recently grown into one of the leading exporters of plants in Belgium. In 1945, Cloet NV was founded in Heusden, near Ghent, as a distributor of green, flowering and garden plants.

Initially we focused mainly on cultivating and distributing houseplants in the Benelux. In 2000, Cloet NV grew exponentially partly thanks to a new management and a close group of employees.

Today we deliver our flowers and plants to more than 10 countries throughout Europe and North Africa. Our customers are wholesalers, cash&carry, supermarkets, garden centers in France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Denmark, Algeria, Slovenia,...

Since we also opened a branch in the Netherlands in the beginning of 2008, we can now immediately transport from the Netherlands resulting in a better and faster service for our customers.


To be the best in what we do!

We want to make a difference by giving an excellent service and quality at a competitive price, by our proactive advice and guidance in choosing the right range and by our punctual deliveries.

We go for profitability in each link of the chain.


We focus on a strong relationship with the customer where feedback from both sides is essential. Our work is based on the needs of the customers.

We are proud of the fact that not a single customer is a number and can be addressed in his own language by his contact.

We wish to be more than a logistic platform and we are able to,  because we have a large  team of professionals and because we surround ourselves with the right partners (logistics, IT, coaching, ets.)